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Criminal Defense Attorney in Lakeland, Florida

Attorney Liesl A. Weeks provides comprehensive criminal defense services to clients in Central Florida. She has over a decade of trial experience and a wealth of legal knowledge regarding the constitutional rights of defendants and Florida criminal procedure. When a defendant’s constitutional rights have been violated during the initial detention and search, while in custody or under arrest, or in the post-arrest interrogation, Attorney Weeks may be able to get the charges dismissed, evidence suppressed, or obtain an acquittal at trial. In situations where a conviction cannot be avoided, she can help you seek reduced or alternative sentencing, especially if it is your first conviction.

Felony Charges

Felony charges carry significant penalties upon conviction, making the stakes much higher and requiring thorough preparation prior to trial. In many cases, the prosecution must rely on both physical and circumstantial evidence, often in the form of witness testimony, to seek a conviction. Liesl A. Weeks, P.A. strives to conduct an independent investigation of every client’s case to expose evidentiary weaknesses that can facilitate a favorable result at trial.

Among the most prevalent criminal offenses in Florida are those related to drug abuse, distribution, and trafficking. Florida’s drug laws can be unforgiving, giving a trial judge the discretion to hand down severe penalties. Prosecutors will often seek the maximum sentence available under the law for defendants that lack experienced defense counsel. She strives to give her clients the opportunity to treat their addiction and achieve a life free of criminal involvement. Even if you have prior convictions, she works to present a favorable case with the goal of minimizing the sentence you receive.

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Misdemeanor Charges

Many criminal defendants facing misdemeanor charges may think that a good lawyer is not necessary because the potential sentencing is less significant than felony sentences. However, in Florida, a misdemeanor conviction can still carry considerable fines and a lengthy prison sentence. Even after you have served your sentence, your criminal record may prevent you from getting a job or a professional license. Attorney weeks offers aggressive criminal defense representation and strives to minimize the negative impact of a misdemeanor charge or conviction.

Liesl A. Weeks, P.A. has experience representing clients facing misdemeanor driving under the influence (DUI) charges. Clients arrested for DUI not only face the threat of conviction, but also the likelihood of losing their driver’s license for an extended period of time. Weeks strives to help you retain your license if possible, while also striving to help you obtain a temporary work permit in the event a suspension is unavoidable. Florida has stringent DUI penalties. However, these guidelines are subject to wide discretion by the trial judge, who may decide each sentence based on the defendant’s unique circumstances.

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If you are under investigation and facing criminal charges in the Florida State Court, you need a caring criminal defense attorney. Contact Attorney Weeks today for a free consultation. While she's centered in Lakeland, Florida, she proudly serves those in Central Florida.